InOurCommunity Frequently Asked Questions.


  1. Who is eligible to register for InOurCommunity?
    1. Anybody (Age restriction) can register for InOurCommunity. Members must be 18 years of age or at least 13 years of age and have permission from a parent or legal guardian. BondingPoint LLC reserve the right to cancel any account and reclaim any previously awarded CommunityPoints™ to any member not meeting these criteria.
  2. How will I know when and where I can earn CommunityPoints™
    1. The InOurCommunity website found at InOurCommunity.com will be regularly updated with new ways to Earn CommunityPoints™ Additionally, members will receive regular emails updating them about new opportunities to earn CommunityPoints™. You may also follow the InOurCommunity Facebook and Twitter accounts which alert members about opportunities to ear CommunityPoints™
  3. Can I register for InOurCommunity if I don’t have certain social media accounts?
    1. You only need a valid email address to register for the InOurCommunity Platform. However, if you do not have certain social media accounts you will not be eligible for those social media related earn opportunities. While some of opportunities to earn will be through social media accounts, there will be a variety of other opportunities for members to earn points.
  4. How often will the Marketplace be updated?
    1. The Marketplace will be updated with new ways to redeem your CommunityPoints™ weekly and sometimes daily. You have to continue to check back!
  5. How many Marketplace items may I bid on at a time?
    1. As long as you have the minimum number of CommunityPoints™ available in your account, you may bid on as many Marketplace items as you’d like to.
  6. What happens to my CommunityPoints™ when I bid on an item?
    1. Your CommunityPoints™ are held in escrow until the auction is over.
  7. I bid on an experience in the marketplace. Why were my CommunityPoints™ returned to my account?
    1. Your CommunityPoints™ are automatically returned to your account whenever you are out-bid by another InOurCommunity member. The member with the highest bid upon auction expiration will win the auction
    2. Each reward has different restrictions and fulfillment requirements. Please make not of all these before you bid on an experience.
  8. What happens once I win an auction?
    1. When you win an auction you will receive an e-mail confirming that you are the winner. Once you get this email please forward the email to Rewards@InOurCommunity with the address that you would like your reward to be sent to.
  9. Do My CommunityPoints™ expire?
    1. You may bid using your CommunityPoints™ at any time.
  10. Why am I not receiving Community™ for my Instagram activity?
    1. Sometimes, if you’ve been logged in to Instagram for an extended period of time, you will need to log out of Instagram, log back in, and then post your picture/caption again to properly receive points. If you have done this and are still not receiving points, please “Submit a Request.”
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